Dwyer Ultrasonic Energy & Flowmeter

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Pipe Fittings

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Product Description

Energy monitoring capability, no moving parts, compact and light weight.

THE SERIES TUF ULTRASONIC ENERGY METER is a highly accurate and stable energy meter that utilizes ultrasonic technology to measure heating and cooling energy consumption. The Series TUF is a compact meter with a flowmeter and energy calculator in one, making it great for installation on chillers and boilers.


  • Lower maintenance costs with local parameter display
  • Serial communication output allows for easy transfer of data
  • Flow and temperature monitor in one unit eliminates the need for multiple units

Energy is displayed in kW•h, power is displayed in kW, flow volume is displayed as m3,
flow-rate is displayed in m3/h, and temperature in °C.


Ultrasonic Energy Meter Model Pipe Size † Communication Process Connection Weight lb(kg)
TUF-150-MD DN15 Modbus® G-3/4 3.1 (1.4)
TUF-200-MD DN20 Modbus® G1 3.1 (1.4)
TUF-250-MD DN25 Modbus® G1-1/4 4.1 (1.8)
TUF-320-MD DN32 Modbus® G1-1/2 5.2 (2.3)
TUF-400-MD DN40 Modbus® G2 6.6 (3)
TUF-500-MD* DN50 Modbus® Flange 33 (15)
TUF-150-BN DN15 BACnet® G-3/4 3.1 (1.4)
TUF-200-BN DN20 BACnet® G1 3.1 (1.4)
TUF-250-BN DN25 BACnet® G1-1/4 4.1 (1.8)
TUF-320-BN DN32 BACnet® G1-1/2 5.2 (2.3)
TUF-400-BN DN40 BACnet® G2 6.6 (3)
TUF-500-BN* DN50 BACnet® Flange 33 (15)
* A pipe fitting is required to use the DN15 to DN40 energy meters. The DN50 has a flange connection and does
not require a pipe fitting.
† For additional sizes up to 8″ (203.2 mm) contact factory.


Clean, compatible liquids.
Wetted Materials:
Brass and 316L SS.
See Chart.
8-digit LED.
BTU: EN1434/CJ128 Class 2; Flow: ±(2+(0.02 Qp / Q))%; / Q))%; Temperature: ±0.1°C.
Power Requirements:
24 VAC/VDC or 3.6 V ER26500 lithium metal battery, user supplied and installed, battery acts as back-up if power is lost.
Power Consumption:
Temperature Limits:
Ambient: 41 to 131°F (5 to 55°C); Process: 36 to 203°F (2 to 95°C).
Humidity Limit:
Pressure Limits:
232 psi (16 bar) for DN15 to DN40; 362 psi (25 bar) for >DN50.
Pressure Drop:
<1.5 psi (10 kPa).
Process Connection:
See Chart.
Pulse (standard)
Serial Communications:
Modbus® RTU or BACnet® MSTP (selectable)**.
Enclosure Rating:
Enclosure Material:
Flowmeter: 1%.
Electrical Connections:
3 ft (0.91 m) 4×0.2 mm2 cable with terminal block. Flow Direction: Unidirectional.
Mounting Orientation:
Horizontal or vertical.
See chart.
Agency Approvals: