Dwyer Series FAFM Fan Inlet Air Flow Measuring Probe

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Product Description

Lightweight, Durable, & Easy to Install

The Model FAFM Fan Inlet Air Flow Measuring Probes use evenly distributed total and static pressure measuring points to deliver an accurate measurement of flows in a fan inlet. The Air Flow Measuring Probes can be completely installed from outside of the fan making it ideal for when proper duct locations are unavailable. With its lightweight and durable construction in addition to its ease of installation, this product lends itself to being used in the HVAC industry.

There are two versions of the model FAFM fan inlet air flow probes to choose from depending on the depth of the fan inlet.

For fan inlets with depth less than 3-1/2″ (8.89 cm): Please order a fan inlet probe with an “S” suffix. This probe has a diameter of .375″ (.95 cm). It employs one total flow measuring tube and one static measuring tube. Each probe is covered with an extruded aluminum anodized coat. Each measuring tube has multiple sensing points.

For fan inlets with depth greater than 3-1/2″ (8.89 cm): Please order a fan inlet probe with a “D” suffix. This probe has a diameter of 3-1/2″ (8.89 cm). It employs extruded aluminum anodized coated probes with both total and static sensors on each tube.

Please Note: These are sold in sets of two. A set is necessary in order to ensure an accurate reading. No more than two air flow measurement probes will be needed to obtain an accurate reading.


Wetted Materials:
Aluminum with clear anodized finish.
±2% (Note: field calibration may be required).
Maximum Temperature:
400ºF (204ºC).
Minimum Design Flow:
400 fpm (2.03 m/sec).
Maximum Design Flow:
12,000 fpm (60.96 m/sec).
Process Connections:
1/4″ barb.




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Model Chart

EXAMPLE FAFM S 0624 FAFM-S-0624 Fan Inlet Air Flow Measuring Probe, fan inlet 6.24″ diameter, with a depth of less than 3-1/2″.
SERIES FAFM     Air Flow Measuring Probe
  Less than 3-1/2″
Greater than 3-1/2″
FAN INLET DIAMETER     XXXX In inches where the X’s represent the tens, ones, tenths, and hundredths digits of the diameter respectively.


When installing on a double inlet fan do two FAFM-D need to be ordered?
For double inlet fans, two FAFM-D units are required; tee the high and low connections from both to create one high and one low output signal.
When ordering a FAFM-D does the pressure transmitter need to be ordered separately or is it included in the quoted price?
The FAFM-D does not come with a pressure transmitter.


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